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What’s In Your Easter Basket?

Every year, our family breaks the Lenten fast by hosting family and friends at a midnight breakfast following the Easter Vigil mass. At church we drink wine as “the blood of the new Covenant” instituted by Jesus prior to his death and resurrection. At home, and all year round, we drink wine because it is the fruit of the vine and reminds us of all our blessings. So, I always spend a lot of time agonizing over what wine to serve at the Easter Vigil breakfast.

Whether you’re having breakfast, a brunch, or waiting until the early afternoon to eat your holiday meal, you are going to want to serve the perfect wine! To help you out, I’ve put together this quick post with some pairings that have worked well for me over the years. I like to support my local boutique wineries and the other great wineries of New Mexico, but when following pairing wine recommendations, it’s more about the type of wine and the style.

Whatever wine you choose, I hope your celebration will be filled with family, laughter, and memories!

Serve This With That

Egg Casserole or Quiche is a given at my midnight breakfast. I love a sparkling rosé with eggs. This year I’m choosing Gruet’sNew Mexico Sparkling Pinot Meunier Ros. For those who aren’t into sparkling wines for breakfast, a great still wine option is Sauvignon Blanc from Jaramillo Vineyards (though it may be sold out). Another Sauvignon Blanc option is the one from La Viña

Breakfast Pastries are popular on restaurant holiday menus. I’m not a big pastry eater, and it really depends on your level of decadence. Here are some ideas:

Chocolate muffins or Chocolate filled Croissants: Malbec from Rio Grande Winery

Plain Croissants, hot cross buns, and cheese-filled crepes: Chenin Blanc from Amaro Winery. They have a dry and a semi-sweet. Either one will do.

Fruit filled croissants, crepes, and muffins call for something fruit forward and slightly sweet. I recommend La Bolsa White from Embudo Valley Vineyards

Brioche and other wonderfully buttery pastries call for an oaked Chardonnay like the Double-Barrel Reserve Chardonnay from Noisy Water.

French toast, pancakes, waffles, and cinnamon rolls need something equally sweet. I’d go for the Moscato from Luna Rossa or Sundance (made from Traminette grapes) from Black’s Smuggler

Easter Lunch and Dinner menus provide a great canvas for wine lovers to pair delicious local wines. I’ve made a lot of Easter Dinners in my day and so I recommend the following pairings:

Lamb is our go-to protein at Easter and I can’t imagine it with anything other than a deep, rich Cabernet Sauvignon like the Heritage Cabernet from Lescombes Family Vineyards.

Ham is also a family favorite. I know a lot of somms who love to pair ham with a Pinot Noir, and I don’t disagree. Try the Pinot Noir from Vivác, it is really fantastic!  If you want to go for something a little different, I don’t hesitate to recommend Sheehan Winery’s Cinsault

Roast Chicken or Turkey pairs so nicely with a Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio like the one from Shattuck Winery or the Estate Dry Riesling at El Alamo Winery.

I love holidays when I can gather with family and friends. I typically choose large gatherings to try out new varietals and blends from lesser-known areas across the country. This Easter, try something new. All you have to do is ask the wine steward at the restaurant or the sales associate at Total Wine, “What is something similar to a Cabernet Sauvignon, but different?”

Almost any wine you choose will likely live up to the party. Wine is meant to take your celebration to the next level and the options are endless.

Sometimes we celebrate at a local restaurant, and everyone orders something different. Don’t ever hesitate to ask the wine steward what bottle will go best with the majority of food ordered. Trust me, it’s their job to help you choose the perfect wine. There have been many times that we’ve chosen to go out to a nice Easter Brunch. Honestly, we go straight for the sparkling wines and mimosas—especially if you can get bottomless bubbles.

Maybe you just want to sit on the patio and eat the candy out of your Easter Basket, you’ll never go wrong with light, sweet, and white. Prosecco anyone?

Whatever you choose, may you have a blessed Holy Week and Easter Celebration with your family and friends.

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Until next time…